Current Students

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If you have further questions, please contact a member of our Administrative Staff.


MSE Interim Chair

Sudipta Seal
Office: Engineering I, Room 207E
Phone: 407 823-5277
E-mail: Sudipta.Seal@ucf.edu

MSE Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Jiyu Fang
Office: ENG 1 207B
* Please make an appointment to see Dr. Fang through email
Phone: (407) 882-1517
E-mail: Jiyu.Fang@ucf.edu

MSE Academic Support Services Coordinator

Pamela Ross
Office: Engineering I, Room 207J
Phone: 407 823-3806
E-mail: Pamela.Ross@ucf.edu

MSE Administrative Services Coordinator

Jodi Peters
Office: Engineering I, Room 207C
Phone: 407 823-0607
E-mail: Jodi.Peters@ucf.edu
Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Central Florida
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 12760 Pegasus Drive, Engineering I, Suite 207, Orlando, Florida, 32816  •  TEL: Jodi Elder (407) 823-0607, FAX: (407) 882-1462   •  web@cecs.ucf.edu