Mayo Clinic Convergence 2018: February 21-23, 2018

Jul 10, 2017 -- Convergence 2018 Course Highlights
- Calls for groups within the biomedical, life sciences, physical science, engineering and other fields to come together to solve unmet scientific needs
- Brings together various scientists with the aim of discovery of education gaps inherent to one's own discipline
- Encourages these groups to workshop the potential for creative collaboration in shared problem solving

Target Audience
This course is designed for scientists, physicians, surgeons, biomedical and life science researchers, physical science researchers in nanotechnology, materials science, optics, and engineering.

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Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Central Florida
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 12760 Pegasus Drive, Engineering I, Suite 207, Orlando, Florida, 32816  •  TEL: Jodi Elder (407) 823-0607, FAX: (407) 882-1462   •  web@cecs.ucf.edu