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CAREER: Reliability of Three-dimensional Interconnects for Heterogeneous Integration: An Integrated Experimental and Modeling Study

Assistant Professor Tengfei Jiang has been named a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award. The award will fund Dr. Jiang’s research that tackles the reliability challenges of three-dimensional (3D) interconnects, which will allow new types of electronic devices and circuits to be developed. The research program will combine experiments and modeling to study the 3D interconnect system of current interest, namely copper (Cu) through-silicon vias (TSVs), to elucidate the effect of stress, microstructure, and scaling on the deformation and failure mechanisms; model the effect of dimensional scaling on microstructure evolution, device performance, and reliability; and develop an innovative solution to control via protrusion and enable reliable 3D interconnects. This project also entails educational and outreach activities aiming at workforce training for the microelectronics industry to contribute to national security and competitiveness.