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At 2nd International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-2019 (ICNAN ’19), VIT Vellore, India, the attendees came from 25+ Countries and participated with more than 1000 student applicants and 400+ presenters. More than 525 research papers were submitted, and over 60 globally renowned speakers gave their talk. Out of 1000 student applicants and more than 400 student presenters, four students were awarded the “Young Researcher Award” and a cash prize for their research and presentation. One of the four is Deepak Pandey, the Ph.D. Scholar, who was representing the University of Central Florida.

His Research and Oral Presentation were based upon the development of an “Ultra Long life Supercapacitors fabricated using vertically aligned graphene on carbon fibers.” Along with his Labmates, they have developed Ultralong life supercapacitor, with more than 100,000 cycle life with almost 100% capacitance retention (which is exceptionally high), using the vertical alignment of the graphene on Carbon fiber. This was done using electrophoretic deposition, under certain conditions, giving a unique mesoporous 3D architecture and vertical alignment of the graphene on carbon fibers. Gravimetric capacitance obtained by a single electrode was around 333.3 F/g. This work has also been published recently in a journal named “Small” (DOI: 10.1002/smll.201902606).