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Silk fibroin nanofibrous mats for visible sensing of oxidative stress in cutaneous wounds


Wound healing is of major clinical concern and is constantly being explored for early restoration and enhanced recovery. While the etiology of the wound healing is multifactorial, high inflammation and increased oxidative stress which results in chronic inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and collagen degradation, delay the overall healing process. Thus, visual sensing of the oxidative stress would be highly informative in the successful implementation of wound healing therapies based on specific requirements. In this study, electrospinning was used to fabricate silk fibroin nanofibrous mats infused with Amplex red capable of detecting hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen molecule. These mats produced a visible change in color with the limit of detection at 1 μM H2O2 concentration. In vivo studies carried out in diabetic mice with impaired wounds also displayed a visible change in color of the mats infused with Amplex red within 24 hours. These electrospun silk fibroin nanofibrous Amplex infused mats have the potential to enable a futuristic platform where decisions can be made for enhanced wound healing therapy.