Research in the Florczyk Group is focused on developing 3D biomaterial scaffolds. The biomaterial scaffolds are typically prepared from chitosan and other natural polymers. These 3D scaffolds are utilized in research projects in three main areas listed below. The research is highly interdisciplinary, with collaborations with clinicians, biologists, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists.


Research projects

Cell-material interaction – studies conducted to characterize the interaction of cells with biomaterial scaffolds and the influence of the scaffolds on cell behavior. These projects are investigating the change in cell response with different scaffold features and how cell source (or donor) affects cell response to biomaterials.


Tissue engineering – biomaterial scaffolds developed for bone tissue engineering applications. Projects are being developed for osteochondral tissue engineering and other tissues.


Tumor microenvironment – biomaterial scaffolds are applied to produce in vitro mimics of the tumor microenvironment. These in vitro mimics allow for chemotherapies and other treatments to be tested in a more physiologically relevant manner. Work has been conducted on glioma (brain cancer), prostate cancer, and breast cancer.