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Mr. Corbin Feit received the SVC Foundation scholarship from the Society of Vacuum Coaters in the amount of $2,500 for Spring 2021. The SVC Foundation has recognized Corbin as an enterprising student who has an interest in furthering his education in the field of vacuum coating technology. Corbin is a Ph.D. candidate in Material Sciences and Engineering and has been working with Dr. Parag Banerjee on the development of plasmonic devices for biosensing, as well as nanostructured materials for catalysis, electronics, and optics. One of the principal processes for developing these technologies is atomic layer deposition (ALD). ALD is a powerful deposition technique that provides precise thickness and composition control for synthesizing nanomaterials. One of the superior qualities of ALD is the ability to coat complex structures such as porous or powder materials. “I have had an incredible experience collaborating with other researchers to create cutting edge materials. I am personally interested in the synergy of atomic layer deposition and biomedical technologies. I aspire to understand these traditionally unrelated fields to develop new technologies such as sensors, neuro-electrodes, antibacterial/hemocompatible coatings on implants, etc.” He plans to use the scholarship for maintenance on a home-built ALD reactor to improve the quality of future research. “I will carry the SVC Foundation’s mission throughout my career and pay forward the generosity that has been bestowed upon me.”