MSE Professor Kaitlyn Crawford

College of Engineering and Computer Science, Biionix Cluster

Awarded $99,999 to study electro-optic polymer development and performance measures for telecommunication and quantum applications

Increasing network demands in healthcare and consumer industries are creating a surge in worldwide internet traffic and data storage needs. This demand stems from advancements and the use of emerging technologies, such as telemedicine, the Internet of Things, and streaming online media. However, our current network technology is unable to support our growing, global network needs; thus, new solutions are urgently needed. Crawford’s research team is using the synergy found in engineering, chemistry, and polymer science to develop advanced materials for future use in telecommunication and quantum communication applications. This project paves the way for industry collaborations in Florida’s high-tech corridor while also providing an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students at UCF to participate in high-impact research and career development.

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