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Two of Assistant Professor Elizabeth Brisbois’ graduate students won awards for their posters at the Graduate Research Forum:

  • Manjyot Kaur Chug — “Integration of Antifouling and Nitric Oxide Releasing-Polymer for Enhanced Biocompatibility of Insulin Cannula.” Manjyot has been selected to represent UCF at the statewide Graduate  Research Forum next week.
  • Corbin Feit — “Development of S-nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP) Impregnated Medical Grade Polyvinyl Chloride for Antimicrobial Medical Device Interfaces”

Tangfei Jeng’s student, Golareh Jalilvand, also won for his poster, “Effect of a Metallic Cap Layer on the Magnitude, Statistical Variation and Mechanism of TSV Extrusion.”