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The scientific journal Catalysis Science and Technology has chosen to feature the latest research from assistant professors Kausik Mukhopadhyay and Kaitlyn Crawford on its cover. 

The article, “Nickel Foam-Supported Porous Copper Oxide Catalysts with Noble Metal-Like Activity for Aqueous Phase Reactions,” highlights the use of contiguous metal foams as support for nanostructured heterogenous catalysts. Metal foams offer easier handling and better recycling than more conventional powders, but are often underused in comparison. 

Co-authors on the paper include Assistant Professor Kaitlyn Crawford; chemistry students Lorianna Shultz, Hayden Hadley and Konstantin Preradovic; chemistry professors Melanie Beazley and Titel Jurca; materials science students Suvash Ghimire and Varchaswal Kashyap; civil engineering student Shaohua Xie; and civil engineering professor Fudong Liu.