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The UCF Technology Ventures Symposium is designed to connect innovative UCF student startups, faculty researchers, established entrepreneurs, venture investors, and anyone else who dreams of being part of “the next big thing” in Orlando.

The one-day virtual conference uncovers little-known, big-potential technology startups created by UCF students, faculty, and alumni for potential investment.

The symposium’s specialty tracks are designed to help entrepreneurs and investors expand their networks, improve startup pitches, uncover sources of capital, spark discoveries of new, licensable technologies and influence the commercial potential of new ideas. 


UCF Technology Ventures Symposium: Energized Composite

Currently, the electric vehicle industry is exploring innovative ideas to increase the energy storage capacity to achieve more than 500miles/charge. A feasible direction to increase the miles/charge without adding the extra weight is to store energy in the body panels of the vehicles. Our technology of Energized Composite is the development of a high-voltage, lightweight carbon fiber energy-storing composite. It is one component-two functions: (a) High electrochemical energy storage, (b) High structural strength with lightweight (using carbon fibers as current collectors). It is completely non-flammable (because of aqueous electrolyte) and can exhibit a very high cycle life of 100,000 charge-discharge cycles. It is completely biodegradable and even can be recycled. This carbon composite has a very wide variety of applications. It can be used to make the body panels of electric cars, commercial jets, CubeSats, space vehicles, and other civilian and military applications.

Headshot of student
Headshot of student
Jayan Thomas

Deepak Pandey

Kowsik Sambath Kumar

PI: Dr. Jayan Thomas