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Congratulations to MSE Alum: Dr. Christina Drake on the Forbes List

September 15, 2021
Researcher Drake founded Kismet Technologies in 2019 with a mission of reducing pathogen spread via her patent-pending nanoRAD technology spray disinfectant, which she claims is non-toxic. The company claims its products safely kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces for a week or longer without reapplication as opposed to other disinfectants that only primarily work until…

Long-lasting Disinfectant Promises To Help Fight Pandemics

September 2, 2021
An alum and several researchers at UCF have used nanotechnology to develop the cleaning agent, which protects against seven viruses for up to seven days.       Researchers Drs. Christina Drake, Griff Parks, and Sudipta Seal worked to develop the technology that can continuously disinfect surfaces for up to seven days. UCF researchers have…

Congratulations to my former group member Dr. Drake on nanotechnology investment

April 5, 2021
Orlando, Fla. (March 1, 2021) – While many small businesses struggle to find funding, sometimes it just comes in the most peculiar ways. Just ask Christina Drake, owner and founder of Kismet Technologies, which is developing a next-generation residual surface disinfectant spray using nanotechnology. The company recently received a $250,000 investment from North Carolina businessman and pastor…

Dr. Seal Research on the Cover of the Biomaterials Science

October 27, 2020
Silk fibroin nanofibrous mats for visible sensing of oxidative stress in cutaneous wounds Abstract Wound healing is of major clinical concern and is constantly being explored for early restoration and enhanced recovery. While the etiology of the wound healing is multifactorial, high inflammation and increased oxidative stress which results in chronic inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and…

UCF Researchers are Helping Develop Rapid, Longer Lasting COVID Disinfectant

September 9, 2020
The disinfectant spray will use UCF-developed cerium oxide nanoparticles that have been shown to have a wide range of therapeutic properties. Current disinfectant products for killing viruses like coronavirus take minutes to fully sanitize surfaces, which isn’t practical on high-contact areas such as door handles, elevators and bannisters. That’s why the University of Central Florida…

MSE researcher wins UCF AI/ML grant for COVID 19 Research

September 1, 2020
The Office of Research, College of Engineering and Computer Science, College of Sciences, and College of Business invest in research projects through the new UCF Initiative. Five research teams using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data have been awarded a total of $185,000 to conduct COVID-19-related research. Establishing the awards was the first act of UCF’s new…

On Campus: Summer 2020

June 25, 2020
Here are a few of the people at UCF who are holding everything together — even during a pandemic. Sudipta Seal Professor and Chair for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering “We’re working to research if a nanoparticle coating can be applied to protective equipment to safely reuse supplies.”