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UCF Researchers Design Treatment to Protect Bones During Cancer Therapy

UCF material sciences engineers Melanie Coathup and Sudipta Seal have designed a …

UCF Researchers Prove that COVID Disinfectant Works in Latest Research Paper

A team of UCF researchers have proven the efficacy of a nanomaterial-based …
Drug intervention

AI-based Screening Method Could Boost Speed of New Drug Discovery

Developing life-saving medicines can take billions of dollars and decades of time, …



Conference on Nano-Micromaterials for Circular Economy and Sustainability in the East Asia Pacific
Aug. 29-Sept. 1  |  National University of Singapore

Materials Science and  Technology Conference
Sept. 29-Oct. 3  |  Portland, Oregon

AVS 66th International Symposium and Exhibition
Oct. 20-25  | Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio

Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference
Nov. 7-9  |  San Diego, California

Materials Research Society
Dec. 1-6  |  Boston, Massachusetts

Materials Science and  Technology Conference
Oct. 4-8  |  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania