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Elayaraja Kolanthai

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Education: Ph.D. in Biomaterial Science, Crystal Growth Centre, Anna University, Chennai, India
Research interest: Development of nanoparticles, layer-by-layer antimicrobial/antiviral nanoparticle coating, polymer composites for tissue engineering, and gene/drug delivery application.   

Craig Neal
Research Associate

Education: PhD. University of Central Florida
M.S., University of Central Florida
Research: Wet chemical synthesis and surface engineering of nanocrystalline materials for biomedical and electrochemical devices, nanomaterials for analytical chemistry and measurement science

Tamil Selvan Sakthivel

Research Associate

Education: Ph.D., Anna University, India
Research: Nanomaterials for environmental, energy and biological applications, nanoporous materials, nano-characterization, sustainable concrete and cementitious materials

Graduate Students

Yifei Fu

Doctoral Student

B.E, South China Agriculture University, China
M.S, University of Florida

Research: Nanomaterials

Udit Kumar

Doctoral Student

M.Tech., IIT Bombay, India
B.Tech., IIT Roorkee, India
Research: Plasmonic hetero-nano catalysis, Up-conversion nanomaterials, Silk electrospinning and anti-microbial materials

Chaimae El Ghzaoui

Master’s student

Education: MS/BS Ibn Zohr University, Morocco
Research: Nanomaterials

Recent Alumni

David Gittess

B.A., Tufts University
M.D., University of Central Florida
Research: Therapeutic and biological applications of nanoparticles. Other experience includes translational research and access to care intervention analysis.

Michael Hnatiuk

Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida
Research: Lab automation, nano-fabrication, and biological detection materials.

    Aadithya Jeyaranjan

    Ph.D., University of Central Florida
    Research: Nanotechnology for supercapacitors and other electrochemical energy storage, corrosion coatings, nanoenergetics, thin-film adhesion, conductive polymers, and thermal spray coatings

    Jason Kieffer

    B.A. Business Administration, University of Florida
    M.M.S. Physician Assistant Studies, Nova Southeastern University
    M.D., University of Central Florida
    Research: Nanoparticles for biomedical therapeutic applications

    Robert Matthews

    Education: B.S, Florida Polytechnic University
    Research: Nanomaterials

    Sushant Singh

    Education: Ph.D., IIT Guwahati, India
    Research: Nanomaterials development for biomedical applications, antioxidative therapeutics using protein biochemistry and nanotechnology based approaches

    Baltej Singh Dhillon

    B.S., Biomedical Engineering, VCU
    M.S., Physiology & Biophysics, Georgetown University
    M.D., University of Central Florida
    Research: Reversal of antimalarial induced toxicity in retinal epithelial cells with ceria nanoparticles

    UCF Medical FIRE Students

    Linda Ren

    B.S., Linda Ren, Duke University
    M.D., University of Central Florida College of Medicine, in progress
    Research: Efficacy of ceria nanoparticles in treating an in-vitro model of diabetic retinopathy

    Undergraduate Students

    Balaashwin Babu

    Education: BSBS, University of Central Florida
    Research: Hollow Ceria, nanomaterial conjugation, cell culture, nanomaterial synthesis, enzyme-mimetic activity testing.

    Chaimae El Ghzaoui



    Aadith Menon

    Education: B.S. Health Sciences, University of Central Florida

    Research Interest: Biomedical applications of Nanoparticles, Nanomaterial conjugation, Cell Regeneration, Drug/Gene Therapy, Biological Detection materials.

    Erik Marcelo

    Intended Major: BS Materials science and engineering
    Research: Biomaterials

    Justin Morency

    Education: BS, University of Central Florida
    Research: Nanotechnology, Biology

    Giulliana Rasua

    Education: BS, University of Central Florida
    Research Interests: Aerogels

    Andrew Sanford

    Education: B.S. Biomedical Sciences, B.S. Biotechnology; University of Central Florida
    Research Interests: Biomaterials and nanoparticles for medical applications and wound healing

    Samantha Stoltz

    BS Biology; University of Central Florida
    Research Interests: Biomaterials, drug delivery, biomedical applications of nanoparticles, nanomaterial conjugation and synthesis, enzyme mimetic activity, oxidative stress and free radical diseases, autoimmunity.

    Cora Tse

    Intended Major: BS Environmental engineering
    Research Interests: Biomaterials

    Architha Venkatesan

    Education: BS, University of Central Florida
    Research Interests: Cell regeneration, construction of artificial scaffolds using organic/inorganic materials for wound healing, and discovering therapeutic strategies for delivery systems for RNA interference molecules.