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AI Drug Discoveries to Cut Costs and Save Lives: Medicine’s Next Big Thing?

July 14, 2023
ORLANDO, FL – It takes millions, if not billions, of dollars to take a drug from the lab to the pharmacy. Last year out of thousands of drugs in clinical trials, the FDA approved 37, the fewest to pass regulatory scrutiny since 2016. But now, artificial intelligence, or AI, may help to weed out the good…

Saltwater Is a Lithium-Ion Battery’s Worst Enemy. This Aqueous Prototype Embraces It.

January 18, 2023
Hurricane Ian caused billions of dollars in damage when it hit Florida in the fall of 2022. Along with $112 billion in damages, 152 fatalities, and countless uprooted lives, the fallout included at least 12 electric vehicle fires caused from lithium-ion batteries coming into contact with saltwater flooding in from the ocean. Unlike standard fires, however, these…