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Students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering won big at the Student Scholar Symposium, the main event of UCF’s Student Research Week. The event combines both the Graduate Research Forum and the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence into one week-long symposium that includes workshops and a poster competition. This year, several students from MSE, as well as students mentored by MSE faculty, were recognized for their outstanding research.



Brandon Ortiz | Materials Science and Engineering – “Design & Synthesis of Electro-Optic Polymers” Advisor: Kaitlyn Crawford

Aadith Menon | Health Sciences Pre-Clinical – “Impacting the Anti-Inflammatory and Angiogenesis Properties of the Body Using Dual miRNA Conjugated Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles” Advisor: Sudipta Seal

Lillian Hoang, Kayla Blum, Alysha Irvin | Medical Laboratory Sciences, Mechanical Engineering – “Self-Expanding Polymeric Hemostatic Foam for Trauma and Wound Care” Advisor: Kausik Mukhopadhyay

Andrew Sanford | Biomedical Sciences – “Engineering of Metal Nanoparticle/Polymer Coated PPEs for Antimicrobial Applications” Advisor: Sudipta Seal

Yuejun Guan | Electrical Engineering – “Experimental, Computational Analysis of Contact Degradation by Acetic Acid for Silicon Photovoltaic Cells” Advisor: Kristopher Davis

Kasey Rigby | Biomedical Sciences – “A Novel Microbe-Resistant Clay Dressing for Healing Burn Wounds” Advisor: Kausik Mukhopadhyay


Nadia Aboutalebianaraki | Materials Science and Engineering – “An Antibacterial, Osteogenic and Angiogenic Magnesium Alloy With Controlled Corrosion and Mechanical Properties for Orthopedic Applications” Advisor: Mehdi Razavi and Sudipta Seal



Erik Marcelo | Materials Science and Engineering – “Low-Cost Nanostructured SILAR Ceria Thin-Film Deposition Using an Arduino Controlled Device” Advisor: Sudipta Seal

Erin Watson | Materials Science and Engineering – “Biodegradable Polymer Microfibers for Transient Electronics Applications” Advisor: Kaitlyn Crawford

Meryl Wiratmo | Materials Science and Engineering – “Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Electro-Optic Polymer-Chromophore Composite Films” Advisor: Kaitlyn Crawford

Luis Tomar | Materials Science and Engineering – “The Effects of Oxidation and Reduction on the Surface Energies of TaN Thin Films” Advisor: Parag Banerjee

Andrea Molina Moreno, Rhondra Giscombe | Materials Science and Engineering, Biotechnology – “Investigation of Solids and Liquids Repellency in Omniphobic Coatings” Advisor: Kausik Mukhopadhyay

Vanessa D’Esposito, Maximus Schieman, Stephanie Mettler | Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering – “Evaluating the Effects of Sand Ingression on Novel Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Non-Destructive 3D Confocal Raman Spectroscopy” Advisor: Seetha Raghavan

Rhondra Giscombe | Biotechnology – “Investigation of Solids and Liquids Repellency in Omniphobic Coatings” Advisor: Kausik Mukhopadhyay

Madisyn Messmore | Mechanical Engineering – “Design and Development of Medical Devices for Multifaceted Applications” Advisor: Mehdi Razavi

Architha Venkatesan | Biomedical Sciences – “MiRNA-146a Coated Silver-Doped Nanoceria (AgCNP) Integrated Silk Scaffold for Chronic Wound Healing” Advisor: Sudipta Seal

Agastya Mittal, Shreya Pawar | Biomedical Sciences – “Radioprotectant Cerium-Oxide Nanoparticles for Decreasing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Astronauts: A Literature Review” Advisor: Sudipta Seal


Corbin Feit | Materials Science and Engineering – “Fabrication of Plasmoresistor Devices using Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition” Advisor: Parag Banerjee

Udit Kumar | Materials Science and Engineering – “Real-Time Fog Sensing Using Lanthanide-Doped Upconverting NaYF4 nanomaterials as a Contrast Piece for Roadside Traffic Cameras” Advisor: Sudipta Seal

Jaynlynn Sosa, Corbin Feit, Alexandros Kostogiannes | Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Engineering – “Oxidizing Pretreatment of ZnSe Substrates for Optimal Al2O3 Atomic Layer Deposition” Advisor: Parag Banerjee

Balaashwin Babu | Nanotechnology – “Direct Synthesis of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in Reducing Sugars: Enhanced Ce3+ Surface Density for Biological Applications” Advisor: Sudipta Seal

View the pictures and winning posters from the event below. 

Written by Marisa Ramiccio