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AI drug discoveries to cut costs and save lives: Medicine’s next big thing?

July 13, 2023
ORLANDO, FL – It takes millions, if not billions, of dollars to take a drug from the lab to the pharmacy. Last year out of thousands of drugs in clinical trials, the FDA approved 37, the fewest to pass regulatory scrutiny since 2016. But now, artificial intelligence, or AI, may help to weed out the good…

Nano-Coatings Wipe Out COVID-19

June 1, 2023
ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – COVID-19 first hit the news more than three years ago. But since those first reports, we’ve learned so much about the virus. Science now tells us it can survive up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces, and can live 24 hours on cardboard. The findings suggest that you…

Research Group Attends MRS Annual Meeting

April 18, 2023
Professor Sudipta Seal and his research group recently attended the annual meeting of the Materials Research Society, hosted in San Francisco. Members of the group had the opportunity to present their research and to network with other academics, students and practitioners. The MRS Society promotes and advances the interests of materials scientists and engineers around…

Graduate Student Wins First Place at Central Florida Poster Competition

February 22, 2023
Materials science and engineering student Balaashwin Babu was named the first place winner of the 2023 Central Florida Brain Bee research poster competition. The event was hosted by the UCF Neuroscience Alliance, a student organization that promote neuroscience awareness and research. Babu won for his research on the synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles in reducing…

Postdoctoral Scholar Receives Young Investigator Award

February 2, 2023
The Wound Healing Society has selected materials science and engineering postdoctoral scholar Elayraja Kolanthai as one of eight recipients of its Young Investigator Award. As a recipient, Kolanthai is invited to present his research on oxide nano particles during the Young Investigator Session at the 2023 WHS annual meeting. The event will take place at…

Udit Kumar Receives Doctoral Degree

January 20, 2023
Research assistant Udit Kumar received his doctoral degree in materials science and engineering this past fall. The alumnus recently began a new position as a process engineer for LAM Research in California.

Seal Celebrates Birthdays, Holidays With Alumni

January 20, 2023
Professor Sudipta Seal celebrated the 2022 holidays with students and alumni. He hosted a holiday get-together for his lab group and met with alumni. He also celebrated his birthday and the birthday of postdoctoral researcher Samarah Vargas Harb. Prior to the holidays, he hosted a potluck for his lab group. Check out the photos below:

Congratulations to MSE Faculty!

November 24, 2020
Top 2% of World Scientists Ranked by Stanford University. Yongho Sohn Linan An Sudipta Seal Link for the excel file This is the paper where they described the process

Seal Meets with Stoddart of Northwestern University

October 14, 2019
Professor Sudipta Seal met with 2016 Nobel Prize winner Sir J. Fraser Stoddart of Northwestern University at the Wuhan MSE Leadership meeting. Seal said that he was glad that they both had the opportunity to speak at the same forum.