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Kevin Coffey



Phone: 407-823-2175
Office: ENG I, Room 115

  • Ph.D. in Materials Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989
  • M.S. in Physics, Northeastern University, 1985
  • B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Tech., Florida International University, 1979
  • B.A. in Physics, New College of Florida, 1975
Kevin Coffey’s research interests include electronic transport and magnetism in nanoscale metals, primarily from a materials science perspective with a focus on processing and structural characterization. The classical resistivity size effect in nanoscale metals is a strong interest of Coffey’s, motivated by the importance of this phenomenon to semiconductor interconnects, where it is now responsible for the majority of the power consumption and signal propagation delay.   Current efforts focus on electronic and thermal transport in oriented single crystal metallic nanowires.  His other current research interests are diffusion of metallic species in reactor grades of graphite and structural characterization of laser solidified metallic powders for additive manufacturing.

Research interests:

  • Thin film processing and characterization
  • Electronic materials
  • Nanoscale metals
  • Solid state reactions
  • Magnetic thin films
  • Grain boundary diffusion
  • “Resistivity size effect in epitaxial Ru(0001) layers”, E. Milosevic, S. Kerdsongpanya, A. Zangiabadi, K. Barmak, K.R. Coffey, D. Gall, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 124, Article 165105, 2018.
  • “The grain boundary character distribution of highly twinned nanocrystalline thin film aluminum compared to bulk microcrystalline aluminum”, G.S. Rohrer, X. Liu, J.X. Liu, A. Darbal, M.N. Kelly, X.W. Chen, M.A. Berkson, N.T. Nuhfer, K.R.Coffey, K. Barmak, Journal of Materials Science, vol. 52, pages 9819-9833, 2017.
  • “Ionic conductivity of bias sputtered lithium phosphorus oxy-nitride thin films,” P. D. Mani, S. Saraf, V. Singh, M. Real-Robert, A. Vijaykumar, S. J. Duranceau, S. Seal, K. R. Coffey, Solid State Ionics, Vol 287, pages 48 – 59, 2016.
  • “Comparison of crystal orientation mapping-based and image-based measurement of grain size and grain size distribution in a thin aluminum film,” X. Liu, A. P. Warren, N. T. Nuhfer, A. D. Rollet, K. R. Coffey, K. Barmak, “Acta Materialia, Vol. 79, pages 138-145, 2014.
  • “Failure of semiclassical models to describe resistivity of nanometric, polycrystalline tungsten films,” D. Choi, X. Liu, P. K. Schelling, K. R. Coffey, and K. Barmak, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 115, Article 104308, 2014.
  • “Crystallographic anisotropy of the resistivity size effect in single crystal tungsten nanowires,” D. Choi, M. Moneck, X. Liu, S.J. Oh, C.R. Kagan, K.R. Coffey, and K. Barmak, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, vol. 3, Article Number: 2591, 2013.
  • “Grain growth and the puzzle of its stagnation in thin films: The curious tale of a tail and an ear,” K. Barmak, E. Eggeling, D. Kinderlehrer, R Sharp, S. Ta’asan, A.D Rollett, K. R. Coffey, Progress in Materials Science, vol. 58, pages 987-1055, 2013.
  • “Surface and grain boundary scattering in nanometric Cu films,” T. Sun, B. Yao, A.P. Warren, K. Barmak, M.F. Toney, R.E. Peale, and K. R. Coffey, Physical Review B, Vol. 81, Article 155454, 2010.
  • Sigma Xi
  • IEEE Electron Devices and Magnetics Societies
  • American Physical Society and GMAG
  • American Vacuum Society
  • Materials Research Society
  • AAAS