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Another Record Year for UCF — 8 NSF CAREER Award Winners

June 13, 2022
The U.S. National Science Foundation has named eight UCF professors 2022 NSF CAREER award recipients. All of the recipients are engineers by training who are working on interdisciplinary projects that aim to improve health or to develop new technology that promises to improve our lives. The awardees represent the most promising junior researchers in the…

Tetard Receives NSF CAREER Award

March 15, 2019
Laurene Tetard, who is jointly appointed in the physics and materials science and engineering departments, has received an NSF CAREER Award. The award is worth $404,000, to be spread out over five years. The goal is to help the chemistry division develop an instrument for plasmonic-assisted nanomechanical detection for polarized spectroscopy and imaging.

Alumnus Wins NSF CAREER Award

March 13, 2019
Materials science and engineering alumnus Stephen Nonnenmann has been awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his work in the area of defect chemistry. Nonnenmann works as an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst, and is now seeking exceptional, highly-motivated undergraduate or master’s-level students who are interested in working on…

Assistant Professor Wins NSF CAREER Award

February 12, 2019
Assistant Professor Tania Roy has been named a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award. The award will fund Roy’s research on artificial neurons and synapses. She and her research team are developing them using two-dimensional graphene heterostructures for neuromorphic computing. This means that, in the future, researchers will be able to create systems…