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UCF Reach for the Stars 2022 Honoree Is Pioneer in His Field of Study

April 6, 2022
This year’s five Reach for the Stars honorees have two common traits – outside-the-box thinking and a relentless passion to make the world a better place. From creating resilient communities that can withstand natural disasters to educating the public through fiction that explains real science, this year’s honorees are using research to help create a…

Graduate Faculty Profile: Yeonwoong Eric Jung

October 7, 2021
While working in nanoscience, Assistant Professor Yeongwoong Jung has made strides on a large scale. In the last five years he’s spent at UCF, his lab has investigated everything from electronic “tattoos” that monitor a person’s vital signs to supercapacitors considered invaluable for the future of sustainable energy. The Korean native chose to take a position here…

UCF Researchers Make Super Stretchable E-Material Using Kirigami, Nanotechnology

October 14, 2019
By combining the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting with nanotechnology, University of Central Florida researchers have created a super flexible electronic material that could have applications in products ranging from smart jackets to solar cells. “Connecting this idea, using kirigami for strain engineering with the nanomaterial we’ve created, this is entirely novel,” says Yeonwoong Jung,…